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Juanjo Javierre (Huesca, España, 1968) is a film and television composer, as well as a pop performer and producer.

He started his career in the mid-eighties, at age 16, as a member and composer of the garage rock band Mestizos. He subsequently became the leader of Soul Mondo, Nu Tempo and Profesor Somno, projects in which he experimented with electronic sounds, being a pioneer of modern dance music in Spain.

In addition to his pop records, he pursued a parallel career as a composer for audiovisual media. He began by creating scores mostly for the documentary genre. Among his numerous works may be mentioned: “Montañas de ayer” by Jesús Bosque and Guillermo Campo (award-winning film at the Banff festival), and “Camino natural del Ebro” a series produced for Aragón Televisión.

His first feature film soundtrack was for Nacho García Velilla’s first film, “Fuera de Carta” (Mediapro, 2007). They renewed their collaboration on the successful film “Que se mueran los feos” (Antena 3 Films, 2010), awarded with the Biznaga prize for the best soundtrack at the Malaga Spanish Film Festival. In 2011, he continued his work on the comedy genre with the soundtrack of ”No lo llames amor… llámalo X”, big-screen debut of TV screenwriter Oriol Capell. During the same year, he wrote the theme and incidental music of the Antena 3 TV series “Los Quién”.

Having participated on some of the more successful Spanish films of the past years, he is now considered as one of the greatest specialists on comedy music. However, in his recording studios he has also produced music for dozens of commercials and short films, and also for sound art installations, like “Oratorio para el quinto perro” (CDAN, 2007) or “Black Lulu”, co-directed with Ramón Día.

In 2007, he created his first work as a film director and screenwriter (with Marta Javierre): the documentary “España baila” produced for Sagrera TV, co-produced by TV channels ARTE, TV3 and TVE.

He has collaborated on many theatre plays, among which “Y es que cuando no me llueve encima me llueve dentro” (Producciones Viridiana), directed by Jesús Arbués, based on texts by Vicky de Sus and images by Isidro Ferrer.

From 2000 to 2009 he co-directed with Luis Lles, Periferias, a multidisciplinary thematic festival, organized every year in Huesca. During 6 years he was the music area coordinator of ArtLab Huesca.